The file system

The current micro-python supports the flash file system which is inside of the chip, sd card (fat32) file system. The flash file system and free space of flash correlate to each other. In general, the flash file system is from dozens of K to hundreds of K. Of course, the file system is larger if you choose flash of larger spacing. Although the inside flash file system is limited, but cheap and convenient. It can fully satisfy the users that need no the storage space for image or video etc.

If you want to store large quantities of data, you would better equip with a sd card of super-large space to satisfy your extreme storage requirement.

We use mount and umount to mount file system. The file of sd card can be mounted to arbitrary empty directory.

Caution: the current tree directory does not support display the inside file of sd card. But the next version can support it.

Folders and files

The current version only support to download when files dragged from PC/uPy_lib to device. But to the inside drag of device (not directory), the default setting is to change the path to save. What’s more, drag PC to other places of IDE, the default setting is to open the file.

The basic operation of a command-line (please refer to the official web, no more examples).

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